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Sheila Alder, Woman to Woman Computing
Business Woman of the Week

Sheila Alder, Owner
Woman to Woman Computing

Sheila Alder

Sheila Alder is the owner of Woman to Woman Computing and Computer Tamers, businesses specializing in computer training and consultation, Internet security, and web design services for both men and women.

Sheila and her team are genuinely interested in making your computer experiences safe and informative. With experts on Macs as well as the more common PCs, programmers, networking and application specialists, they can meet your computing needs.

On the personal side, Sheila is a proud mother of a son, and grandmother of two. Her background includes retail, volunteer and office management, and nine years managing the day-to-day operations of an internet service provider. Sheila bought her first computer in 1984, and designed her first website more than ten years ago, before the web became available to most of the public.

Women often face challenges with today's computer requirements. The "Woman to Woman" concept was created to provide women with the security of knowing that another woman would be coming into their homes to help them learn on their own computers, with non-judgmental instruction.

From the basics of which computer to purchase and how to set up your system, to learning to use any program, Sheila and her team of experts have the knowledge to handle all your needs and can cater to both novices and experts, individuals and companies. You can learn to use the computer for word processing, spreadsheets, internet connections and email, PowerPoint presentations, or even to design or maintain your own website.

Have you purchased a digital camera and need to learn about downloading, storing, producing and emailing the images? If so, let Sheila take you through the proper steps to help the computer become your friend.

Personalized training is provided to people of all ages tailored to their needs and availability. Clients learn at their own pace until all their computer needs are met, at a location and time of their choosing, with individual or group training. Gift certificates and seniors' discounts are available.

Topics on the informative http://www.woman2woman.ca website include advice on keeping children's safe online, Internet safety, how to check messages for hoaxes before sending them on to others, music downloads, using search engines effectively, and a tip of the month. Not only are the topics helpful, but free downloads are available for alternative programs and software updates.

Sheila believes in clean, uncluttered web sites, with easy to access information, and designs, installs and maintains business, organizational and even personal websites. Her website contains samples from an impressive array of clients. She can even train you or your staff to maintain your own website.

Woman to Woman Computing can make turning on your computer stress-free and enjoyable, and help you to "Tame your computer".

Website: www.woman2woman.ca


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