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We have created this section for those who wish to learn website creation.
We can provide training and support.

HoTMetaL Pro & How to create HTML pages

Other Website Design Software

This program is quite powerful, and easy to use. Please contact us to arrange for a copy.

The 4 documents below are useful for general understanding of websites, in addition to being helpful with the HoTMetaL Pro program. The principles apply to all website design.
  1. Hotmetal3 manual-1.pdf
  2. HoTMetaLPRO- tutorial-2.pdf
  3. HotmetalPro- WorkingWithFiles-3.pdf
  4. HotMetalPro- MarkingUpDocuments-4.pdf
The following are free or free trial software programs. This page was originally the index page of the download folder, and was made in Mobiwise, then edited to create the Websites page in Komposer, then edited and revised in HoTMetaL Pro 5.

To download software from the web, first make sure you are getting software from a reputable site. Click on the "Download" link to start the download. Save it into your computer (be sure to note which directory you saved it to). When it's finished, click on Start, then on Run and then on Browse (find where you saved it), click on the file you saved, and then on Open and finally OK. This will start the installation of the software.

I recommend using for downloading in general. But BE CAREFUL to not download "Release Candidate" or "Beta" versions unless you are very experienced, and have everything backed up. You can pick the version to download on the right side of the program page, and then when at the version you wish, click ONLY on either "Download latest version" or "Download this version" on the upper right. DO NOT click on any ads promoting other software, and ALWAYS UNCHECK any other options when installing, preferably choosing "Custom install" to allow you to just get the one program you want.

SC Brown Feb/19