Mac Trojan infects 600,000 machines

Patch your Mac!

Over 600,000 Apple Macs have reportedly been infected with a Trojan virus called “Flashback” worldwide.

Initial reports had claimed that some 550,000 Macs were infected with Flashback, but a Russian internet security firm, Dr Web, upgraded this number to over 600,000.

But Flashback isn’t new, and was uncovered in September 2011. Originally designed to disguise itself as an Adobe Flash Player installer, it used Adobe Flash player logos to help conceal its true identity.

The 2012 variant of Flashback takes advantage of a Java runtime flaw found in OSX.

Even though Flashback has been a known security issue for months, the vulnerability had remained unpatched by Apple, even though other players (including Oracle and Microsoft) had released a fix for the vulnerability earlier this year. Apple have since distributed a patch earlier this week – after early reports began to emerge about the latest Flashback variant.