Don’t trust callers who say your computer needs fixing!

Many of our clients have been receiving calls, supposedly from tech support for companies such as Microsoft, claiming that their computers are infected, and need to be fixed immediately. The callers then try to get the computer owners to give the caller remote access to the computer. THIS IS NOT SAFE! They are often looking for passwords to banking, credit card information, or will place spyware into your computer so they can look for more information.

While we at Computer Tamers DO use remote access to work on your computer, and only with your permission, this is not something you should let strangers do. If you have concerns about calls you’ve received, and/or if you’ve let them into your computer, contact us to check it out. If you get one of these calls, hang up, and don’t give them access.

As always, contact us to answer all your computer questions. We’ll tame your computer! 🙂