Windows XP still works! You do NOT have to upgrade

Windows XP still works!

Don’t be mislead by reports about support ending – it’s meaningless. I’ve long advocated that people turn off Windows updates, as they often caused more problems. As long as you keep your anti-virus and anti-malware programs updated, XP will serve you well for years to come. 🙂

​​However, DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER ON ANY XP MACHINE​. I recommend either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

For info on what programs I recommend, check our website at – click on the “Security” & “Helpful Info” buttons

Create secure passwords to keep your identity safe

Choosing more secure passwords will help keep your identity safe on the internet. This article and the companion video will show you how to create secure, easy-to-remember passwords.

Think of this as your annual reminder to change them up. Passwords are an important part of staying secure online, but they’re not always easy to come up with (or remember). Luckily, Mozilla has a few ideas you might find helpful.

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Fake Microsoft help line can fool even ‘computer literate’

Fake Microsoft help line can fool even ‘computer literate’
Scammers use remote access to claim home computers infected by virus

This is an update to our Oct 3, 2012 message. It’s sad to say, but this scam is still fooling even those who are computer literate. Please know that Microsoft will not be calling you! If you get this type of call, tell them you know it’s a scam, and hang up! DO NOT allow them into your computer, and DO NOT give them your credit card. More information dated today is available via the CBC link below.

If you have been taken in by this scam, contact the police and your credit card company. One of my clients was successful in getting the charges reversed this week.

As always, please contact me if you need help with cleaning up the computer, whether or not you’ve been part of this scam.