Ebay accounts hacked, Microsoft updates Windows (including XP)

The latest news for computer security includes updates for all Windows (yes, even XP!) to deal with problems discovered. (This despite the fact that Microsoft said they’d “never” update XP again!)

Ebay has announced their servers were hacked, so please change your Ebay password ASAP!

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CryptoLocker Is The Nastiest Malware Ever & Here’s What You Can Do…

CryptoLocker is a ransomware program that was released around the beginning of September 2013. Read on for a free prevention program I recommend you install.

“Ransomware is an especially odious type of malware. The way it works is simple. Your computer will be infected with some malicious software. That software then renders your computer entirely unusable, sometimes purporting to be from local law enforcement and accusing you of committing a computer crime or viewing explicit pictures of children. It then demands monetary payment, either in the form of a ransom or a ‘fine’ before access to your computer is returned.
Horrible, isn’t it? Well, get ready to meet CryptoLocker; the evil patriarch of the Ransomware family.”


This is a potentially serious infection that can be prevented, free of charge​, for all Windows XP to 8​. After installing, be sure to click ‘Apply’, then ’Test’, and it should confirm it is installed correctly, then Restart the computer.

Download the fix at​:  ​www.FoolishIT.com/download/cryptoprevent-installer

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