Yahoo admits 1 billion accounts compromised in hack

“I told you so!” I’ve been telling people for years that Yahoo got hacked, not those people’s computers. They’ve finally admitted it. YOUR computer is unlikely to get broken into – the hackers want to get more “bang for their buck” (more information per hack) than one computer would yield. They got 1 BILLION people’s info with one hack on Yahoo! This also applies to all email accounts hosted by Yahoo, including addresses.

Because of this, many people find their Yahoo accounts are blocked at many sites, including a lot of mailing lists. We’ve known for years of this problem, despite the fact Yahoo only admitted it this year. I highly recommend Gmail instead, and it can be set to retrieve and send as other email addresses, so there is no painful “switching”, but a safe alternative. 🙂

This type of large hack is also why I advise people to slightly change their birthdate on websites, using something other than the actual day. This helps prevent identity theft when info gets taken, as was the case with the Yahoo hack.

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Yahoo Inc. said on Wednesday that it has identified a new system breach that occurred in August 2013 and involved data associated with more than one billion user accounts.