URGENT – Protect your computer NOW – Worldwide cyberattack described as ‘unprecedented’ affects more than 150 countries

Background information is below, but please take these two steps now!
1) PLEASE install and/or update CryptoPrevent as the best way we have to try to prevent ransomware attacks! Get it at my website, where there is information & a Download link, at
Check for updates every few days, as this ransomware is evolving! Open CryptoPrevent, click on “Updates”, then on Check for Updates”. It will run a check in a little window, then let you know if there are updates available. If so, approve the updates!
2) You should also​ check for Windows Updates, as this latest ransomware takes advantage of a flaw in even old versions of Windows. Although Microsoft patched the vulnerability in March, the ransomware preys on older systems, like those at National Health Service hospitals in England, which heavily rely on Windows XP.


To update Windows, click on the Start menu, and then the Search box. Enter “Check for Windows Updates” in the box, and find the link, then check for updates. 

And, of course, keep your antivirus and antimalware programs updated, too! 
As always, if you need help, please contact us.

​Background info on this newest ransomware attack: