Apple / Mac / iTunes users please read this message re scams!

This message is from Patrick Castel, a local Apple / Mac expert. Please pay attention to this message, which could affect anyone using iTunes.


If you have been targeted by hacker pretending to be Apple and sending you this type of email, It is a hoax.

They are trying to get some info from you in order to hack your Apple account (AppStore / iTunes Store) or even hack your bank accounts or credit cards.

Apple,Yahoo, Rogers or Bell will NEVER send you an email,
they will simply BLOCK your access forcing
you to initiate contact and reestablishing your connection.
In my case, by using a software called MAIL DETECTIVE, I could see that the hacker is located in Australia
Another way around to check if the email is legit,
is to place your cursor on top of the link where it says CHECK HERE TO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT.
DO NOT CLICK, after a few seconds the real identity of the sender will be revealed by Mail.
For those using an iPhone or iPad, keep pressing on the link with your finger
to reveal the sender and then slide away from the link.
The provided link will bring you to a bogus Apple page such as the one below
Again, it looks real, but is is NOT.
Now, if you have been caught, log into all your compromised accounts
(Apple, credit cards, bank) and change right away your passwords,
in some cases, you might have to change your User ID.
It is a pain in the neck, but you have no choice…
Pat Castel
Apple System Engineer