IoT hacks are rising – and older gadgets may be most at risk

This is why I’m not switching to smart home technology yet! (“IoT” is short for “Internet of Things” – all those connected TVs, toys, appliances, door locks, security systems, and much, much more!)

A big theme at the Kaspersky security summit is a look at the vulnerability of connected devices.

‘Cryptojacking’ hacker trend turns Canadians into cryptocurrency miners

Good reminder to keep your computer, phone, and tablet protection up to date!

I’m happy to say that the websites I have WordPress on are updated automatically by GoDaddy.

Scores of Canadians dipped their toes into cryptocurrency mining in recent weeks — they just didn’t realize it.

Your smartphones are getting more valuable for hackers

This is a good reminder that our phones and tablets also need protection. I recommend the use of the same programs that I recommend for computers – Avast, and Malwarebytes, plus Lookout for phones and tablets. For more information, please feel free to contact me. 

Security researchers are seeing a shift where attackers would much rather hit your smartphones than your computers.