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Computer Tamers

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Computer Tamers

We'll tame your computer!

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A Division of Woman to Woman Computing

About Us

Sheila Brown is the owner of Computer Tamers and Woman to Woman Computing, businesses specializing in computer training and consultation, Internet security, and web design services for both men and women. The “Woman to Woman” concept was created to provide women with the security of knowing that another woman would be coming into their homes to help them learn on their own computers. Sheila bought her first computer in 1984, and created her first website in 1994.

Computer Tamers can handle all aspects of the world of computers. From the basics of which computer to purchase and how to set up your system, to learning to use any program, Sheila and her team have the knowledge to help with all of your needs. You can learn to use the computer for word processing and spreadsheets, email, protect yourself and your computer, manage your digital photos, or even design or maintain your own website.

Personalized training is provided to people of all ages tailored to their needs and availability. Clients learn at their own pace until all their computer needs are met, with non-judgemental instruction.

Computer Tamers and Woman to Woman Computing are genuinely interested in making your computer experiences safe and informative.

Sheila believes in clean, uncluttered websites, with easy to access information. In October, 2003, at the Annual American College of Rheumatology/ARHP Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida, her Fibromyalgia Information & Local Support website was honoured.

A senior’s discount or gift certificates are available upon request. Statistics indicate that seniors are the fastest growing segment of the Internet and Sheila suggests that you “Get Grandma online.”