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Keep children and teens safe online

I want to reach out and inform people of dangers to children, grandchildren, or even friends' children that they care about.

I believe many kids under 18 are being too active online. What many don't realize is that the owner of the internet connection (parents, grandparents, friends' parents, etc) are the ones legally responsible for anything that child does while on that connection. If the kids connect to sites you wouldn't - whether or not you condone this activity - and any charges result, you are the one in trouble.

The risks of predators is high. The risk of exposing your other personal information stored in your computer is high. The risk of harm to the kids or their future endeavours is high. I can't stress enough how little I trust these activities for those under 18. I believe that all online activities for under 18's should be supervised, for both their protection, and that of the computer owner.

Few people, especially kids, realize that what goes online, stays online! There are ways of retrieving information long thought deleted from websites.

Stay safe, keep the kids in your life safe, and if you have questions about any of this, please contact us. Remember that while we are local in the Ottawa, Ontario area, we provide remote support anywhere!

Good resources include the Canadian www.media-awareness.ca and www.safekids.com in the US.